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Jeffrey Seckendorf, Director, Co-Writer

Eric Mofford, Producer

Judith Barnes, Co-Writer, Executive Producer

Ruthann Marcelle, Executive Producer

Alex M. Stein, Associate Producer

Tom Houghton, Director of Photography

Edward L. Rubin, Production Designer

Christopher Baird, Editor

Maxim Vladimiroff, Music

Larry Deming and Mythos, the musicians

Robert McGee, C.S.A., Casting

Kevin Ackerman, Costume Designer

The Cast

Misha Collins

Willie Garson

Leigh-Allyn Baker

Lisa Brenner

Eric D. Howell

Complete credits

The Vendors

Keslow Camera



Sound Trax Studios

Entertainment Post

Viv-Kim Negative Cutting

And others we’d like to thank

Judith Weston Acting Studio

Sara Alexander and Julianne Hausler at NY Office

Bob Matloff and the Guilford Press

Peter Beckwith and David Giancola at Edgewood Studios